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18 Jul

Mee MeeMee Mee Premium Extra Large Size Diapers are introduced by Mee Mee that are hygienic, skin-friendly and breathable. By using these diapers you can ensures that your child can play, crawl, run, walk, rest, eat and sleep uninterrupted all day in a clean way.
This diaper is designed with a leak proof technology and the softest cloth-like breathable fabric that are gentle on your baby’s sensitive skin and also allow air to circulate. Cloth-like fabric is used in the back-sheet prevents liquids from passing through the diaper and soiling baby’s clothes or environment. SAP means super absorbent polymers are used in these diapers which turns liquid into get, absorbs multiple wetting and provides a dry and fresh feel to the child. The innermost layer of the diaper is ultra-thin, absorbent, highly breathable and skin-friendly that ensure a safe, hygienic and joy cheerful your little one childhood for your little one. It is very easy to use, carry, change and dispose ensuring you can change your little one’s diaper at regular intervals. Stretchable leg cuffs on both sides of these diapers ensure an improved fit around the legs. These diapers are designed to adjust your baby’s growing body to give the most comfortable fit and so there’s no need to fold the waistband or to adjust the leg cuffs, while changing diapers. While elastic waistband ensures a comfortable fit for the growing child. Hook and loop tabs provide a stronger grip while fastening the diaper. Its wetness indicator line turns green, making it easy for parents to change the diaper on time. The 16 pack of Mee Mee Premium Extra Large Size Diapers is very worthy to buy.

Mee Mee Premium Extra Large Size Diapers
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Special Features of Mee Mee Premium Extra Large Size Diapers:

  1. Made from Cloth-like Breathable Fabric.
  2. Eco-friendly.
  3. Leak-lock system turns liquids into gel.
  4. SAP (Super absorbent Polymers) absorbs multiple wetting.
  5. Leak-proof technology.
  6. Child can play, crawl, run, walk, rest, eat and sleep uninterrupted all day.
  7. Stretchable Leg Cuffs.
  8. Improved Fit around the waist and Wetness Indicator alerts parents to change diaper.

Directions:– Diaper your baby in 4 easy steps:

  1. Clean baby’s genital area thoroughly from front to back using Mee Mee’s Wet Wipes.
  2. Place an open Mee Mee Premium Disposable Diaper under baby’s bottom and ensure the waistband is below the navel.
  3. Use the hook and loop magic tabs to fasten the diaper properly around baby’s waist, bottom, and leg area.
  4. Readjust the tape on both sides, for the most comfortable fit.

Technical Details of Mee Mee Premium Extra Large Size Diapers –

  • Brand : Mee Mee
  • Model Number : PK-16
  • Product Type : Premium
  • Diapers Material : Cloth-like fabric
  • Color : White
  • Ideal for : Infants
  • Target gender : Unisex
  • Item Weight 549 g
  • Product Dimensions 52 x 31 cm
  • Item model number PK-16
  • Manufacturer’s Minimum Suggested Age(months) 0.0
  • Quantity : 1
  • Disclaimer : Wash your hands thoroughly before and after diapering your baby. Avoid flushing used diapers. Fold soiled diapers and dispose them in dustbins only.

How To Purchase Mee Mee Premium Extra Large Size Diapers –

Mee Mee Premium Extra Large Size Diapers is available to sell on top most leading online selling sites including Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal. These sites are 100% secured and relevant which take guarantees for delivering the best quality of product at right place and at scheduled time. These sites comes with very simple GUI interface which makes it very easy and convenient-to-use. It also provides you facilities to pay the amount of these diapers in very secured transaction mode including Cash-on-Delivery, Debit or Credit card, Net banking, EMI option etc. so select any mode of transaction and buy Mee Mee Premium Extra Large Size Diapers.

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